Imagine this…
Omar Gonzalez, an 18 year old boy from Argentina, discovers that his great grandfather, who had migrated to the country from Lebanon, was a Muslim.

Omar doesn’t know much about Islam. And the little he does know is informed by what he reads on Facebook (which is mostly the bad stuff).

He can’t imagine his great grandfather was part of a terrorist death cult like ISIS. He figures there must be more to this religion than what he’s heard.

So he decides to do some research about Islam.

The problem is, he doesn’t speak English. And the few articles he manages to find in Spanish leave him with more questions than answers.

With nowhere to turn for answers and no Muslim friends to talk to, he has no choice but to move on and ignore his Muslim heritage, like the rest of his family.

How Islam Almost Disappeared from Argentina

Unfortunately, Omar’s story is the reality of many second, third, and fourth generation immigrants to South America. Their ancestors were Muslim, but they’ve lost any trace of the religion over the generations – except in some cases, their names.

How did this happen? Shaykh Faraz Rabbani explains…

Every time someone asks us, ‘How did you enter Islam?’ we say, ‘It’s a miracle.’

Suleyman (Ernesto) Geddes is one of many Spanish converts to Islam who struggled to find accessible information about his new found faith.

In this interview, Suleyman shares the struggles the Muslim community faced, and continues to face, in accessing reliable Islamic knowledge in their native tongue.

Help bring reliable Islamic knowledge to the Spanish world.

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