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Ustadh Abdus Shakur is starting a semi-private live class in Maliki fiqh for students who are able to read Arabic texts. This course will focus on mastering a text from both a practical and technical point of view for students of knowledge. Only the Arabic text will be used along with verbal translation and explanation in English with some Arabic. All classes will be recorded and downloadable for students. As well, students will have access to an e-studentroom which will consist of a Q&A blog and other features which allow them direct contact with the teacher.

Each session will consist of two 50 minute lessons with a 15 minute break in between.

Students are requested to attend the sessions as much as possible, review and prepare for class.

To benefit from these classes any student registering should at least have a basic understanding of Maliki fiqh and the ability to read Arabic text. Those who don’t have this ability are welcome to join by following the verbal translation of the text along with the English explanation.

Text: Ashal Al-Masalik (its commentary Siraj Al-Salik will be used occasionally )

This is one of the early advanced books of the Maliki madhab used in West Africa before studying later advanced works such as Mukhtasar Khalil. This book covers Aqidah, all chapters of fiqh (worship, marriage, transactions, commerce, judicial law etc.), and Islamic morality (Akhlaq).

Registration open until: December 23rd 2010

Starting Date: Sundays, December 26th 2010

Duration: 1 year (approx.)

Class timings: 1:00 PM (US/Canada EST), 10:00 AM (US/Canada PST), 6:00 PM (UK time)

Initial fee: $150 US (every 12 session / 24 lessons)

Spots are limited.

Note: After registration you will be directed to an information page about setting up a student account

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