“Only The Dead Stand Still” – Dr Bano Murtuja on Muhammadan Activism

Dr Bano Murtuja on Muhammadan Activism

Bano-MurtujaDr Bano Murtuja argues that being an ‘activist’ is the natural state of a believer, the one Allah ‘brings to life’ – and being alive is to change as necessary. However, Dr Bano warns that we have collectively failed in this responsibility. Find out what she means in the above video.

Dr. Bano is a co-founder and the first managing director of SeekersHub Toronto. Her training includes successfully completed the three-year Micro Madrasa Program in the United Kingdom, with direct study under Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa, Ustadha Nagheeba Hayel, and Shaykh Haroon Hanif.

Dr Bano is the mother of several young children and is the Managing Director of Nader Khan’s First Spring Records company. She is a contributor to the SeekersHub Answers service and has extensive experience as a counselor and mentor, as a community leader and activist and is an experienced public speaker. She is an engaging and effective teacher, whose intelligence, insight, commitment, and concern have benefited countless troubled and sincere souls.

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