Fasting, Prayer, Qur'an, and Spirituality in the Month of Ramadan

O Ramadan – Poem By Sidi Aashif Sacha

O Ramadan
By Aashif Sacha
O Ramadan, you are our noble guest,
O Ramadan why must you leave so soon,
O Ramadan, It felt like yesterday I saw your new moon,
O Ramadan, you surely put our faith to the test,
O Ramadan, you have waken our soul,
O Ramadan, you have filled up that hole,
O Ramadan, wont you stay a little longer,
O Ramadan, you spiritually make me stronger
O Ramadan, you help me see so clear,
O Ramadan, I long to meet you each and every year,
O Ramadan let us not forget our past,
O Ramadan, for this could surely be our last,
O Ramadan, indeed you are our Noble guest,
O Ramadan, you put our hearts at rest,
O Ramadan, you contain the night of Badr,
O Ramadan, and the night of Qadr,
O Ramadan, how we will miss you so,
O Ramadan, return with blessings aflow.

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