SeekersGuidance Launches Faster Revised Website

SeekersGuidance is excited to announce a newly revised website, promoting faster and easier access to free Islamic knowledge. This is part of a series of projects to build a truly world-class online learning and guidance platform.

SeekersGuidance is a global organization, with teams spread across several continents. We have over 20 qualified teachers, offer over 250 courses, with over 300,000 students from over 200 countries.

With your continuous support, our tech and design teams have worked tirelessly to make the website better than ever, pursuing excellence and diligence in all that we do.

Updates to the website include:

  • Fast browsing speed and performance 
  • Easy and quick retrieval of resources from a database of over 30,000 articles and Q&As
  • Improved and purposeful design 

Take the next step and benefit from well-structured Islamic Studies and Arabic curricula at every level available in English and Arabic.

Ask any question through our SeekersAnswers Service, which houses over 20,000 answers by reliable scholars such as Shaykh Faraz Rabbani.

Countless people rely on SeekersGuidance because they know that they will find answers that are relevant, authentic, true to our tradition, and backed up by very knowledgeable scholars. With your help, SeekersGuidance can service this need to greater effect.

Benefit from our articles and podcasts, designed to enrich lives in spreading beneficial knowledge and reliable guidance.

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