The Art of Asking for High Matters

Seeking nearness to Allah, the ultimate aim in our worldly work

90105_prayer2“Therefore, when you wish to go to your market or do something for your livelihood, or take up a craft or become an agent (wakālah) or engage in some other vocations in order to seek the licit and to imitate the practice of Allāh’s Messenger—Allāh bless him and grant him peace—and to seek recompense (thawāb) for yourself and your dependents, to earn provision for them, and in order to be independent of people while showing compassion to brethren and neighbours, and to pay the obligatory alms and discharge every obligatory right, then hold out hope through these efforts that you shall meet Allāh—glorified and exalted be He—while your countenance is as the moon on the night when it is full.”

Imam Al-Hārith ibn Asad Al-Muhāsibī in his Kitab al-Makasib wa al-Wara’


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