Shaykh Adib Kallas Died Today – October 21, 2009 – One of the Foremost Scholars of Our Times

معهد الفتح الإسلامي يرحب بكم

Shaykh Muhammad Adib Kallas, the great Islamic scholar, Hanafi faqih, theologian, and teacher of scholars, has died today–October 21st, 2009–in Damascus, Syria. He was 88 years old, having lived a life dedicated to knowledge, teaching, and selfless service to seekers of knowledge.

Those who were fortunate to have met him agree that he was one of the most remarkable of people you could meet. Despite being a mountain of knowledge, he was a man of deep humility and pure, sincere service to others. Even into his 80’s, he would serve tea himself to his guests, and give time to even beginner students and would entertain even the most basic of questions.

A biography of Shaykh Adib Kallas on (link)

May Allah grant him the highest of Paradise, in proximity to the Beloved Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), and the foremost of the foremost. Ya Rabb!

May Allah protect the scholars of the Umma of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace), and inspire the most sincere and determined of his followers to seek the best and most beneficial of knowledge, and to spread in in the best, most beneficial, and most beautiful of ways.

Innaa lillahi wa innaa ilayhi raji`un. Hasbuna’l Llahu wa ni`ma’l Wakeel (Allah is our sufficiency and is the best of guardians).


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