Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on Atheists, Balance, and Responsibility

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“One of the most interesting things about atheists is that some of them deny God because their opinion of Him is so high. And they ask, ‘how can I believe in a god that would allow a world like this?’ The real question is, what’s wrong with the people that Allah swt made with their free will? Why do they let these things happen? Because God has every right to ask us the same question. How can you rape a little child? I gave you reasoning, power, knoweldege, I gave you will, I gave you the ability to speak, the ability to control your appetites. And you do this? So that’s the real question. Its not ‘where is God?’ It’s ‘where’s the good will of the people that God created?’

People say God’s not listening to us, we’re not listening to God, people. He sent revelations, ‘don’t sow corruption in the earth; I gave you perfect mizan; I put a perfect balance in the world in order that you not transgress the balance.’ And now we know from ecology how all of the ecosystems are balanced; if you kill the spiders, the flies take over.”

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, during his Aqeedah class at the Rihla 2009

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