Slavehood to Allah and How We Look at Creation and People Ali al-Jifri said: “The implication of our slavehood to Allah is that the universe around us is read just as the pages of a book are read, through it Allah speaks to us.

Every creature is then a manifestation of Allah’s wisdom, will, knowledge and power, and this in turn should cause us to immediately have Adab and humility with Allah in dealing with His creation. Such that we never disdain a single thing that Allah has created.

Even as we disdain ignorance, it is not our place to disdain the ignorant.

Our place is only to attend in Adab the Divine breath in each of Allah’s creation as He said “I breathed into him of My spirit.” This is what should enable dialogue with every person that we encounter.” (Related by Ruqayyah Ahdab, from a lecture of Habib Ali)

One of the great poets wrote:

“Reflect on the writing of creation
It is but message to you
From the Real.”