What Does it Mean to Love Allah – Friday Reminder Series

What does it mean to love Allah?

Friday Reminder by SeekersGuidance Executive Director Shaykh Faraz Rabbani


Love for Allah

Too often when someone begins to become serious about religion, their concern for the outward manifestations of faith can cause them to diminish in their concern for parents, family and friends. This arises from a misunderstanding of what it means to truly love Allah.

“And those who believe are most intense in their love for Allah” (Quran 2:165)

So, what is this intense love for Allah?

It is to love for the sake of Allah. A believer is one who has intense love for their spouse out of intense love for Allah, love for their children out of intense love for Allah and love for God’s creation as an expression of their love for Allah.

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, conveyed the same message: “Whoever loves for Allah, and hates for Allah, gives for Allah and who withholds for Allah – that is a person who has completed their faith.” (Abu Dawud)


Sincere Love for Allah

A person who is sincere not only loves Allah through acts of devotion, but everything a truly sincere servant of God does is out of love for Allah and is in a manner beloved to Allah. The love for their spouse, for example, is an expression of their love for Allah. In fact, every relationship they have is inspired and shaped by their love for Allah Most High.

This state is one that we should cultivate. Do everything that is worth doing in life as an expression of love for Allah. Consider how you express love for Allah in the food you eat? In the coffee or tea that you drink? How might you express love for Allah in your family relationships? How do you love Allah through your parenting?


Knowledge that Benefits

Any knowledge that inculcates love for Allah can be considered truly beneficial knowledge. Through the pursuit of such knowledge that benefits, we can unlock the secrets of journeying to Allah in all hustle and bustle of this life.

May Allah make us of these people who in every aspect of our lives are able to express love for Allah. We pray for that pure, sincere intense love for Allah. A love which in turn inspires an intense love for His creation, in a manner beloved to Him. That is the way of our beloved – Habib Allah – the Beloved of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him).



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