Dr Umar Farooq

"Give as an act of worship to God" – Dr. Umar Farooq Abd-Allah

We asked our dear teacher Dr. Umar Farooq Abd-Allah to record a special message for you about the #SpreadLight campaign.
But honestly, even we were blown away by what he said.
You’re going to want to watch this…

“There are only 3 types of people whom we should aspire to be. Either a scholar, a student, or one who loves them. Maybe you can be all three. But if you can only be a person who loves them, show that love by giving generously to SeekersHub – especially in the great month of Ramadan.” – Dr. Umar Farooq Abd-Allah
How many students can you help?
This is your opportunity – in the last 10 days of Ramadan – to count yourself among those who support the spread of prophetic teachings.
Your monthly contribution will help us make free Islamic learning available to students who are in desperate need of it.
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“Whoever directs someone to what is good will receive a reward similar to the reward of the one who does it.” – Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him and his folk)
While you’re at it, why not multiply your reward?
Encourage your family and friends to support this work and your reward will be multiplied accordingly. You can do that by forwarding this message to your contacts with a personal note about why you support SeekersHub.
May Allah reward you and count you among those who strive to spread the light of prophetic teachings in times of darkness. Ameen!
– SeekersHub Team