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Alhamdulillah, through your support and the diligent work of our entire SeekersHub Global team, we are launching our online portal in the Arabic language.

SeekersHub Arabiyya

While we refer to it internally as “SeekersHub Arabiyya,” its formal name is Al Ma‘had Nur al Huda al ‘Alami li’l Ulum al Shar‘iyya.

SeekersHub Arabiyya: Online Courses, On-Demand Courses, Podcasts, Guidance Blog, and more!

The full services of SeekersHub will also be offered in the Arabic language, including:

    1. (a) full online courses (launching with 13, in a range of subjects—Arabic grammar, Islamic beliefs, logic, Islamic law, and more);


    1. (b) on-demand courses (launching with ten);


    1. (c) podcasts with a range of scholars;


    (d) daily blog of knowledge and guidance from some of the top living Islamic scholars.

Featuring Some of the Top Living Islamic Scholars

Arabiyya05 scholars

Alhamdulillah, some of the top Islamic scholars from around the Muslim world are participating in SeekersHub Arabiyya, including:

    1. (1) Habib Umar bin Hafiz (Tarim, Yemen)


    1. (2) Shaykh Abd al Karim Tattan (Syria/UAE)


    1. (3) Shaykh Akram Abd al Wahhab (Mosul, Iraq)


    1. (4) Shaykh Hassan al Hindi (Damascus, Syria)


    1. (5) Shaykh Ali Hani (Amman, Jordan)


    1. (6) Dr Essam Eido (Syria; USA)


    1. (7) Shaykh Muhammad Abu Bakr Ba-Dhib (Shibam, Yemen; Toronto, Canada)


    1. (8) Habib Hussein al Saqqaf (UAE)


    1. (9) Shaykh Muhammad Awwama (Syria; Turkey)


    (10) Habib Muhammad al Saqqaf (Saudi)

… and many more, Insha Allah.

Arabiyya04 Scholars

Making This Knowledge and Guidance Available in English

It is our plan to offer much of this incredible content in English, as well, as part of growing SeekersHub Global into a truly “Global Islamic Seminary.”

Please pray for the success of the SeekersHub Arabiyya project, launching very soon Insha Allah.

And Allah is the giver of success and facilitation.


Faraz Rabbani

PS: Check out the SeekersHub Global Impact Report.

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