Photo by Werner Sevenster on Unsplash

A New Look for SeekersGuidance Global

The SeekersGuidance Global homepage has been redesigned.

The SeekersGuidance redesign has been underway for some time. We wanted to renew the website to better reflect our core values and mission.

We’re rolling out the new homepage now to announce the change. The entire site will gradually be remade in the same style.

On the homepage, immediately below the navbar, you’ll find the featured items from across the site.


In the following section, the new answers to legal questions appear.


Then you’ll find a selection of new episodes from our current podcasts.


The blog section then follows with the most recent posts.


And to round it all off we have a selection of Must Read articles and answers, along with an offer to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Must Read

As you can see our goal has been to improve our content presentation by using clear, legible fonts and classic graphic design.

The overall aim has been to add clarity to the site design and offer our readers an improved user experience.

We hope you approve.