Month of Rabi al-Awwal

Poem: “An example for mankind for all eternity”

The goodness of your character we cannot comprehend
The prayers and peace we continually send

A radiant smile which serves as charity
In a world repeatedly torn by disparity

Kindness and compassion you showed to the weak
Displaying a character patient and meek

Gentleness you share with family and foe
Never allowing the seeds of resentment to sow

Courage and certainty you displayed in strife
Trusting God completely with your life

Relying entirely on your benevolent Lord
Without the presence or hint of discord

Standing and supplicating in the depths of night
Seeking mercy and your Lord’s delight

Serving as a pristine example to your nation
Sharing your concern for all of creation

A soul of purity and free of pride
With the protection of angels by your side

Revealed words of a heavenly presence taught
To help those of us sick and distraught

A pure light which you always emanate
A noble disposition nothing short of great

Concern for the oppressed and forgotten
Willing to spend precious time with the downtrodden

Wisdom and knowledge given beyond its time
Describing experiences with you only as sublime

The trees and rocks honor your stature
Witnessing the love and blessings you capture

A model husband, father, and friend
Caring for your community until the end

Responding to our salutations of peace
Causing our love for you to always increase

Transcending the bounds of worldly means
Witnessing you in our blessed dreams

An example for mankind for all eternity
Saving those of us surrounded by absurdity

You will stand for your nation and plead our case
As we see the vibrant light glowing from your face

The struggle and love given we cannot repay
So sallallahu alayhi wasallam is what we continue to say

By Sidi Musa Burki


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