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Advice for the Last Week of Ramadan from Habib Hussein as-Saqqaf

Habib Hussein as-SaqqafThis week is your last chance to really put forth your efforts – do not allow or be satisfied by losing any of these last moments to be in the remembrance of Allah Most High.  Take advantage of this time that the shayateen are in chains, such that one can do more.

Fasting of the average Muslim is to fast from food, drink & relations. However, the fast of the elite is to fast from

  • Committing any sins of the limbs
  • Fasting from what is useless of this worldly matters
  • Fasting of the heart from other than Allah Most High – nothing occurs to one’s heart except Allah Most High.  Do not allow one’s heart to delve into this worldly matters, or sin.  If a stray thought comes to one, then just repel it.  Thoughts are like knockers at your door, one is only accountable if one opens that door.

Do not allow one’s eyes to look at useless this worldly affairs, nor one’s ears to listen to useless news about this or that, you should be cut off from this worldly matters at this time and tie yourself to Allah Most High.  By listening to these kinds of news, nothing beneficial will occur, other than taking from your your time, your life, and to preoccupy your heart.  But this is a time that your heart should be wholly occupied by Allah Glorious & Exalted  is He.

Occupy yourself with remembrance of Allah by day and night, between you and your Lord, and by the end or Ramadan you will taste the sweetness of this closeness to Allah Most High, that you will be unable to leave it even after Ramadan and will continue to remember Him until the next Ramadan comes.


Habib Hussein as Saqqaf is of noble heritage, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings me upon him). Born in the city of Jeddah, Hijaz, Arabia, in the year 1391 Hijri / 1971 A.D, his father raised him on the love of seeking knowledge, love of the spiritual scholars, love of the righteous and saints of Allah. He attended one of the circles dedicated to the memorization of the Holy Qur’an where he memorized the Holy Qur’an before reaching his teenage years. Read more of his biography and visit Habib Hussein’s youtube channel, HemmahNet TV.


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