How Muslim Scholars Contributed To Mental Health Care, by Dr Rania Awaad

Join The Mindful Muslim Podcast’s Meanha and her special guest Dr Rania Awaad as they explore the Islamic history of psychology and the works of early Muslim scholars which is only now being rediscovered.

Islamic psychology or Ilm al-Nafs, (the science of “the self” or “psyche”), refers to the medical and philosophical study of the psyche from an Islamic perspective. The contributions of many Muslim scholars of the past on studying the mind and proposing treatments for mental conditions is extremely important and underpins many of our modern techniques.

Dr Rania Awaad is a practicing psychiatrist based at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She also completed a postdoctoral clinical research fellowship with the National Institute of Mental Health. Prior to studying medicine, she pursued classical Islamic studies in Damascus, Syria and holds certification (ijaza) in Qur’an, Islamic Law and other branches of the Islamic Sciences and is a Professor of Islamic Law at Zaytuna College.

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