Qasida of Praise (Lakal Hamd) – Recited by Ustadth Usama Canon

“What’s that?” I asked my Irish-American Muslim retired hippie convert mentor as he hummed “Allah,Allah, Allah.” in that unforgettably celticmaghribi melody. “It’s called a Qasida” all i thought was “Word! Ima learn that”. Singing Arabic poetry became a major part of my journey…..glad i heard him humming! (sometime in 1996)

Having lost the ability to sing, NOW I regret not recording. truth is: I was so busy trying to be humble, I never properly expressed gratitude for the great gift of speech and song. Ironically losing my speech has almost fully fixed the super bad cringing I’d experience whenever hearing my own voice. I’m listening to myself finally….. Wait for the drums it gets NorCal at 5:39

–  Ustadth Usama Canon


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