Food for the Soul All Ramadan – Right Here at Ramadan Hub

Compared to a decade ago, there is now a plethora of Muslim television channels in the English language. The quality varies considerably but one thing unites them all: Ramadan is a time for aggressive fundraising, and MashaAllah, hundreds of millions is raised for worthy causes.

Fundraising appeals often displace regular programming so what if you’re looking for spiritually uplifting content? SeekersGuidance has this to offer: for free, online, for anyone, anywhere. You’ll find it livestreamed every day at Ramadan Hub, and you’ll find them listed below.

We have a very gifted scholar, Shaykh Ahmed Sa’ad Al-Azhari in residence for Ramadan this year. This is what’s in store:

Supplications From the Qur’an Explained

Faith Breeds Safety: Surat al-Baqarah (verse 126). Watch. Listen.

Prayer of a Concerned FatherSurat al-Baqarah (verses 127-128). Watch. Listen.

A Smart Prayer: Surat al-Baqarah (verse 201)Watch. Listen.

Patience: Lost Ingredient: Surat al-Baqarah (verse 250). WatchListen.

Recognizing Human Weakness: Surat al-Baqarah (verse 286)Watch. Listen.

Steadfastness in a Challenging World: Surat Āl-Imran (verse 8)Watch. Listen.

What Better Replacement: Surat Āl-Imran (verse 16)Watch. Listen.

A List of Honour: Surat Āl-Imran (verse 16)Watch. Listen.

Divine Promise vs. Fake Promises: Surat Āl-Imran (verse 193, 194)Watch. Listen.

Divine Pleasure; Guarantee of Success: Surat Hūd (Verse 47)Watch. Listen. Attend.

The Responsibility of a Question: Surat Hūd (verse 47). Watch. Listen.

Prayer: Bond of Believing Generations: Surat Ibrahim (verses 40 -41)Watch. Listen.

Unfulfilling Payment & Circle of Care: Surat al-Isrā’ (verse 24)Watch. Listen.

Power at Times of Tribulation: Surat al-Kahf (verse 10)Watch. Listen.

Tools of an Effective Da’iyah: Surat Ṭahā (verses 25 to 29). Watch. Listen.

In a Rush, You will always Crush: Surat Ṭahā (verse 114). Watch. Listen.

Arrows of Light Amidst Plight: Praying with Prophet Yunus (as): Surat al-Anbiyā’ (verse 87). Watch. Listen.

Praying for a Trust Bearer: On Child-Bearing, Surat al-Anbiyā’ (verse 89). Watch. Listen.

Chains of Grace, Surat al-Aḥqāf (verse 15). Watch. Listen.

Joining the Caravan of the Selfless, Surat al-Ḥashr (verse 10), Watch. Listen.

Who is doing disservice?, Surat al-Mumtaḥanah (verse 5), Watch. Listen.

The Truly Enlightened Ones, Surat al-Taḥrīm (verse 8). Watch. Listen.

Watch Every Breath, Surat al-Falaq (verses 1-5). Watch. Listen.



Stories of the Prophets from the Qur’an


Prophet Moses: A Man of Many Tasks. Watch. Listen. Attend.

Prophets David and Solomon: Wisdom with Power. Watch. Listen. Attend.

Maryam: Blessed Mother & Child. Watch. Listen. Attend.

Prophet Yunus: Trials of Prophethood. Watch. Listen. Attend.

Prophet Abraham: the Sound of Unity, 17th July 2015. (media coming soon) Attend.


Daily Reflections and Tafsir of each Juz of the Qur’an before Tarawih






Juz 1. Watch. Listen.

Juz 2. Watch. Listen.

Juz 3. Watch. Listen.

Juz 4. Watch. Listen.

Juz 5. Watch. Listen.

Juz 6Watch. Listen.

Juz 7Watch. Listen.

Juz 8Watch. Listen.

Juz 9Listen.

Juz 10Watch. Listen.

Juz 11Watch. Listen.

Juz 12Watch. Listen.

Juz 13Watch. Listen.

Juz 14 & 15Watch. Listen.

Juz 16Watch. Listen.

Juz 17Watch. Listen.

Juz 18Watch. Listen.

Juz 19Watch. Listen.

Juz 20Watch. Listen.

Juz 21:  Watch. Listen.

Juz 22Watch. Listen.

Juz 23 & 24Watch. Listen.

Juz 25 & 26Watch. Listen.

Juz 27Watch. Listen.

Juz 28: Watch. Listen.

Juz 29: Watch. Listen.

Juz 30Listen.



The Qur’an and I


Reflections on Growing up with the Qur’an
20th June 2015. Watch. Listen. Attend.

Jewels of the Qur’an, Part 1
21st June 2015. Watch. Listen. Attend.

What is the Qur’an: From Revelation to Book
27th June 2015. Watch. Listen. Attend.
Jewels of the Qur’an, Part 2
28st June 2015. Watch. Attend.
Approaching Allah’s Book with Open Heart
4th July 2015. Watch. Listen.
Jewels of the Qur’an, Part 3. Listen.
“A night worth 80 years in worship and 80 years in sins forgiven” – Laylatul Qadr. Watch. Listen

Beyond Ramadan: Keeping the Qur’an in our Everyday Life. Watch. Listen.

Jewels of the Qur’an, Part 4. Listen.