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Inheriting our Legacy from the Prophet of Love ﷺ, by Shaykh Babikir Ahmad Babikir

Many of us display “good Muslim” image in public, while maintaining the “real me” in private. This indicates a lack of connection to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, as Shaykh Babikir Ahmad Babikir says.

In this inspiring talk, Shaykh Babikir reminds us of how we have decentralized the idea of love from religion, turning it leading us to lose out on our inheritance from the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. We begin to perform our acts of worship as publicized rituals, fraying the connection between us and our Lord. Listen to him discuss how using our inheritance of love can heal us.

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Our thanks to the Cambridge University Islamic Society for this recording. Cover photo by Amelie Lelarge.