Three Different Role Models

Why Your Soul Craves The Love Of Allah – Habib Hussein al-Saqqaf

Habib Hussein al-Saqqaf was invited to the SeekersRetreat 2016 but was unable to come. Instead, he prepared this beautiful video for the participants and now, we are releasing his gift to the public. Even if you weren’t able to come to the retreat, inshaAllah you will gain much benefit from his talk.

Our Origins and Love

Habib Hussein begins by talking about the various components of human beings; the high elements and the low elements. The high element is from the spirit, and yearns for permanent, lasting things. However, the lower element is the body, which runs after temporary things.

He goes on to say that we need to reconsider our idea of love. We may love people, groups, or things that give us a sort of happiness, even though they give us little or no benefit. On the other hand, Allah is our maker and Sustainer, and He gives us everything we need.

What Allah wants from us is not for us to pray with a sense of obligation, but a sense of true love and intimacy with Him.

Resources for Seekers

Photo by Ken Tsang.