who must fast Ramadan

In this video, Ustadh Abdul Muhaymin of Tayba Foundation, discusses the types of people who are obliged to fast Ramadan.


He mentions that fasting Ramadan is obligatory on all Muslims, and tells us when we know that a child has reached puberty.

He takes us over the common misconceptions that we may have about people who are fasting. For example, it is not true that all elderly, sick, or pregnant/nursing mothers are not required to fast. Rather, they are only absolved from fasting if there is reasonable fear that they will be harmed.

He also clarifies the misconception that young children should be prevented form fasting. Rather, they should be encouraged to as much as they are able.

In the end, it’s important to remember that fasting is a command from Allah, and has many spiritual benefits. Once we realize that, it becomes much easier to answer these types of questions.

With Gratitude to Tayba Foundation


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