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Ramadan Intentions – Ustadh Abdul Muhaymin

In this video, Ustadh Abdul Muhaymin encourages us to have a list of intentions for our fasts, as well as a list of duas we recite frequently.

He mentions that Ramadan is a time in which we should step up our game. We should try to make this month a transformative one. A good way to do this, is to have some intentions and duas that we review every day.

In addition, we should do our best to bring in good habits and get rid of bad ones. One way to could accomplish this, is to look at our goals from last Ramadan. If we were not able to accomplish these, we could make an effort to strengthen them this Ramadan. If we did have goals that we were able to successfully implement, then this Ramadan we could add to that goal and try something new.

With gratitude to Tayba Foundation.