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Who are the SeekersGuidance Helpers?

Have you been enjoying the new content produced by SeekersGuidance’s interns? Here are some of the names and faces that are participating in the Helpers program.

seekersguidance helpersLaila Abdel Ghany lives in Cairo, Egypt. She studied Comparative Literature, with minors in Anthropology and Education, and is interested in how these fields can be brought together and perfected through the Islamic tradition.

Layla wrote The Historical Significance of the Dala’il al-Khayrat.




seekersguidance helpersSaad Razi Shaikh is a journalist based in Mumbai. He writes on popular culture and community initiatives. He can be reached on Twitter @writweeter.

Saad Razi wrote The Internet, Learning Arabic and Islam – Interview with Ustadh Abdullah Misra.




seekersguidance helpersCori Mancuso is a graduate in Religious Studies at Lycoming College. While seeking sacred knowledge, she develops content for SeekersGuidance and Sabeel Community. 

Cori wrote Interview: Defining Knowledge – Shaykh Yahya Rhodus.




seekersguidance helpers

Naved Islam is a student in 12th grade. He tries to write beneficial things and also makes apps. You can connect with him through his website.

Naved is working on upcoming content.




seekersguidance helpersOsama Hassan is an Australian of Pakistani descent who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Curtin University. He is currently pursuing studies in Arabic and the Islamic sciences in Amman.

Osama wrote Is Religion Relevant in the 21st Century? Interview with Shaykh Hamza Karamali.




seekersguidance helpers

Tuscany Bernier is a published author from Indiana where she lives with her husband and two cats. You can find her at her website.

Tuscany is working on upcoming content.





SeekersGuidance HelpersMuhammad Kabir Hussaini is a Nigerian national who studied English, Arabic and French Translation in the Republic of the Sudan. He currently works as a primary school teacher in Khartoum, Sudan.

Muhammad Kabir is working on upcoming content.




seekersguidance helpersSharifah Bebe Hasan is from Singapore, and has obtained her Alimiyyah certificate in Hadith in addition to graduating in Shariah from University of Indonesia. Currently, she’s enhancing her research and writing skills through SeekersGuidance.

Sharifah is working on upcoming content.




seekersguidance helpers

Ahmad Honest Qashidi is an undergraduate student at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, focusing in the faculty of Islamic Law. He aims to be of service for the Southern California communities and beyond.

Ahmad Honest is working on upcoming content.