Help Revive Women's Islamic Scholarship

Help Revive Women’s Islamic Scholarship – Support This Important SeekersGuidance Campaign

Women make up half of the Ummah and need fair representation and fair opportunity. It is imperative that we support female scholarly voices who are experts on dealing with women’s issues in fiqh, Islamic social sciences, and more. Please support our Reviving Women’s Islamic Scholarship Fund – a campaign in collaboration with LaunchGood. 


Supporting Female Scholars is Necessary

The beautiful Prophetic tradition encouraged women to attain knowledge, and vitalized their participation in academics and learning in wider society. SeekersGuidance Global has always strived to recognize a number of brilliant and dedicated female scholars and students, who need amplification and support for their critical work in Islamic studies and sciences.

These dedicated Ustadhas and Shaykhas provide guidance, learning opportunities and clarity for thousands of students. They are among our best and brightest and urgently need your support for the spiritual well-being of our communities. As women who also hold roles as mothers, wives, daughters and sisters – their personal obligations and commitments mean that it is not always possible for them to be able to research, write or dispense knowledge in a timely manner. With your support, they will have adequate financial means in order to pursue their calling of acquiring knowledge, recording, transmitting and relaying the beautiful learnings from which, ultimately, we benefit.

Tradition of Women’s Empowerment In Islamic Studies

Continuing in its tradition of supporting women’s excellence, SeekersGuidance Global is proud to present a very special campaign at the dawn of Muharram 1440 for the  Islamic Scholars Fund: Reviving Women’s Islamic Scholarship.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 USD in a Zakat friendly campaign in order to support six female seekers of knowledge: two students and four female scholars. 

SeekersGuidance Global Islamic Seminary has always been committed to amplifying this critical part of our tradition that facilitates learning in a balanced, reliable, relevant and merciful manner.
Here are some of the scholars and students we are supporting. Real names concealed for privacy.

“The Mother”

As a professional in frontline Health Sciences, she worked on the ground with patients who needed immediate support. She began to take classes at SeekersGuidance and yearned to learn far more deeply. She felt the benefits in her own life from the free courses she had the privilege to learn from. Learning gave her the personal and spiritual growth that Mothers often sacrifice because of their devotion to their families. While studying with leading scholars in her community and online, she has also started teaching youth and mentoring students. She is an expert in physical healing, and believes in the importance of spiritual health. Her commitment to learning and imparting that knowledge is unparalleled.

“The Scholar Without Students”

Help Revive Women's Islamic Scholarship

During university, this Shaykha questioned her identity and reflected on her faith – as many do. She sought out guidance and with God’s Mercy, she found balanced, wise and compassionate teachers. They motivated her to become a student of knowledge. Shaykha’s studies lasted over ten years and took to her many beautiful places including Turkey, Syria and her ancestral homeland: the Indian Subcontinent. She was blessed to study alongside exceptional men and women in each of these countries, with distinction and high recommendation of her teachers. Since moving back to the US, she resides in a small community and has limited opportunities to teach–and far too few students. But through support from the Islamic Scholars Fund, she will be able to dedicate herself to teaching, both on the ground, and online- across the world.

“The Inspiration”

Ustadha grew up in a practicing Muslim family in a very active community. She turned to Him and studying His perfect faith at a time of personal struggle. She was invited to study further and left the Western University for a traditional setting and was excited to see women scholars, including SeekersGuidance Global teachers, as educators and influencers. They embodied qualities like mercy, generosity and patience. She took the time to study Islam in depth and flourished in a environment that inspired her journey to teach and transmit precious lessons of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Now she represents the best of that what SeekersGuidance offers: facilitation for continuing knowledge and guidance; being able to benefit. SeekersGuidance Global fund helps Ustadha to share her wealth of knowledge as she  inspires students on their journeys.

“The Seeker”

Help Revive Women's Islamic Scholarship

Ustadha graduated from a Canadian University but the urge to seek knowledge compelled her to study abroad for more than ten years in one of the great cities of Islamic knowledge. There, she has become a respected teacher–and one of the senior instructors at an esteemed Islamic seminary.

SeekersGuidance is supporting her in the role of dedicated teacher and assisting in the transition back to a community in her home country, where she can teach and serve those most urgently in need of her deep knowledge and guidance.

Her passion for teaching is admirable. Her expertise in Islamic Studies is a benefit to Muslims worldwide as she encourages women to engage in and pursue traditional Islamic learning.

Reviving Women’s Islamic Scholarship

SeekersGuidance Global Islamic Seminary recognizes the urgency of preserving and promoting female scholarship. Women have always been key to the preservation of the Prophetic Call- including the contributions of jurists, historians, and protectors of the traditions of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).

In our societies, there is a lack of institutions and institutional funding for women’s scholarship. Reviving Women’s Islamic Scholarship is our effort at addressing this issue. This campaign is Zakat-eligible and we urgently need your help in order to make this a success.

Many recognized female scholars, and capable female students are not given the facilitation and support they need in order to study, learn and teach.
Your donations will help as follows:
$30 can help buy groceries
$50 can help purchase study materials
$250 can buy key reference books
$500 can help pay rent for one month
$1000 can help cover tuition and tutoring

In this glorious beginning of the Islamic New Year 1440, please consider donating generously to The Reviving Women’s Scholarship campaign. Our community deserves it, and the Ummah desperately needs it.

How You Can Help

Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and supporting this critical work is an Ummatic imperative. Women scholars need our support to help bring light to our families, and in particular to our mothers, our wives, and daughters.

Any amplification is greatly appreciated. Please share this campaign with family, friends, and your community. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

Success is only from Allah Most High, so your dua’s are of immense value. May Allah reward you with that for which you ask and even more.

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