Support “The Seeker”– Help Us Raise $200,000 to Support Women’s Islamic Scholarship Now (Zakat-Eligible)

Give your zakat and charity, urgently, to raise $200,000 to support deserving and needy women scholars and students of Islamic knowledge around the world.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 USD in a Zakat friendly campaign in order to support six female seekers of knowledge: two students and four female scholars. It is imperative that we support female scholarly voices who are experts on dealing with women’s issues in Fiqh, Islamic social sciences, and more.

“The Seeker”

Ustadha graduated from a Canadian University but the urge to seek knowledge compelled her to study abroad for more than ten years in one of the great cities of Islamic knowledge. There, she has become a respected teacher– and one of the senior instructors at an esteemed Islamic seminary. SeekersHub is supporting her in the role of dedicated teacher and assisting in the transition back to a community in her home country, where she can teach and serve those most urgently in need of her deep knowledge and guidance.
Her passion for teaching is admirable. Her expertise in Islamic Studies is a benefit to Muslims worldwide as she encourages women to engage in and pursue traditional Islamic learning.
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