women's Islamic scholarship

Your Zakat Helped Female Scholars and Students This Year!

SeekersGuidance urgently needs your help to raise $500,000 to support deserving scholars and students in need.

Your zakat, once deposited into the SeekersGuidance Global Islamic Scholars Fund, supports scholars and students of knowledge in need. There are many female students and teachers who would not be able to continue, were it not for your generous donations.

Here is one of the students who benefited from your donations:

The Inspiration

Ustadha grew up in a practicing Muslim family in a very active community. She turned to Him and studying His perfect faith at a time of personal struggle. She was invited to study further and left the Western University for a traditional setting and was excited to see women scholars, including SeekersGuidance Global teachers, as educators and influencers. They embodied qualities like mercy, generosity, and patience. She took the time to study Islam in depth and flourished in an environment that inspired her journey to teach and transmit precious lessons of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Now she represents the best of that what SeekersGuidance offers: facilitation for continuing knowledge and guidance; being able to benefit. SeekersGuidance Global fund helps Ustadha to share her wealth of knowledge as she inspires students on their journeys.

Other Female Students Need Your Zakat

She is only one of several male and female scholars and students of knowledge who are supported by the SeekersGuidance Global Islamic Scholars Fund. Click here to support the fund. If you’re not sure how much zakat you own, click here to use SeekersGuidance’s handy zakat calculator.