Studying Tips for SeekersHub’s Students

Studying Tips for SeekersHub’s Students

1. Recite the Imam al-Haddad’s Intention for Seeking knowledge before the class. It is good
adab to have wudhu (ablution) before attending your class.

2. Schedule the live sessions into your schedule using a day-planner, especially if you are taking more than one
class with SeekersHub.

3. Study in an academic setting. Studying in a university or library can help you build discipline.

4. Show up 15-30 minutes early for class live sessions so you have time to review the last
lesson. Attending live sessions means you have plenty of time to ask your teacher questions
and to have your questions answered immediately.

5. If you are trying to catch up on previous lessons, then do so at a set time on a consistent
basis. Lunch hour is a good time that one can squeeze in.

6. Compose your class notes in clear terms and neatly so they will be easily accessible to you when
you consult your notes in the future. This is especially important for Fiqh classes.

7. Apply what you learn. Share with others what you have learned so it becomes easier to practice.

8. Make dua for your teacher, fellow students and that you benefit from it and be able to apply
what you have learned.

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