“It’s a miracle that we’re Muslim”: Suleyman Geddes on the struggle of Islam in South America

In the small town of Salta in the hilly northwest corner of Argentina, brother Suleyman (Ernesto) Geddes, a convert to Islam, expressed his gratitude for the window of opportunity that was presented to him to learn more about his faith: SeekersGuidance. tandil argentina

Although Islam has been present in Argentina for decades, Brother Suleyman explains that learning opportunities were few and far in between.

“Whenever people ask me how I came to Islam, I say that it’s a miracle that we’re even Muslim.”

When the first SeekersRetreat took place in 2013 in the village of Tandil, Suleyman described the experience with Shaykh Faraz as “an immediate, heart-to-heart connection.”

“SeekersGuidance presented us with a balance of knowledge and spirituality that we desperately needed, just like a bird needs two wings to fly.”

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