Purification in Islam: A Comprehensive Reader

Purification is Half of Faith

SeekersGuidance Readers provide the seeker with a purposely curated list of articles, answers and other content on a particular topic. Proper purification of oneself is essential in performing prayer and one of the fundamentals elements to practice Islam.  One should also strive for spiritual purification. Al-Ghazali explains the ḥadith “Purification is half of faith,” and reminds readers that, for the earliest Muslims, inner purification was much more important than outer purification.

Questions and Answers on Purification

  1. Is Ghusl (Purification Bath) Required Before Prayer if I Drink Alcohol or Eat Pork?
  2. Purification & Prayer During Labor
  3. Are One’s Prayer and Purification Valid If You Have Tooth Fillings?
  4. What are the Rewards of Sleeping in a State of Ritual Purity?
  5. Are Acts of Worship Valid If Not Performed in a State of Purity?
  6. Household Cats & Rulings Related to Purity and Filth
  7. Dog Saliva, Dog Hair, and How to Purify Impurities
  8. Is It Problematic to Use Soap During the Ritual Bath?
  9. How Do I Wash My Clothes Properly to Ensure That Filth Doesn’t Spread?
  10. Can I Pray in a State of Ritual Impurity if There Is not enough Time To Perform the Ritual Bath?
  11. Does a Wet Mop Used on a Bathroom Floor Spread Filth?

Articles on Purification

  1. Forget Others, Begin Purifying Yourself First
  2. Bringing Barakah Into Your Wealth and Life
  3. Accepting Wealth from a Person Whose Wealth is Predominantly Unlawful
  4. Income From a Business Started With Haram Wealth
  5. True Wealth
  6. Cheating the Government Out of Welfare Money
  7. Blessed Is The Wealth That’s Given, and That Which Remains
  8. The Story of Abdul Razzaq and Abdul Ghani
  9. Justice as Sadaqa (Charity)
  10. Advice for Sufferers of Extreme Waswasa or OCD in Issues of Purification
  11. How to Handle Constant Waswasa in Acts of Purification and Worship
  12. How Spiritual Transformation Is Achieved
  13. How Can I Purify My Heart? A Reader
  14. Reflections on Purification of the Heart – Ustadha Raidah Shah Idil
  15. Finding God Through The Chains Of Pornography Addiction
  16. The Accessible Conspectus: Purification & Water by Mufti Musa Furber
  17. Video: Purification of the Heart – Hamza Yusuf
  18. Purification Issues: Washing Limbs & Used Water

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