Registration is LIVE for Term One Courses, including a new website to showcase the NEW Seminary Curriculum.

This term marks the official launch of the SeekersHub Global Islamic Seminary Curriculum. It features a complete learning path that takes you step-by-step from the essentials of your religion to mastery of the Islamic sciences. 

Essentials Certificate

You can now register for the Step One Essentials Certificate.  You’ll learn the essentials of what every Muslim needs to know about faith, worship and spirituality — in just over one year of study.
Intermediate and advanced students also have several new courses to choose from in Step Two: Foundations and Step Three: Initiation.

Arabiyya Courses

Finally, this term we’re also unveiling a brand new series of Arabiyya Courses, featuring the Islamic sciences taught in Arabic by leading scholars from the Muslim world. Stay tuned for more about that!
We have a number of other term courses that cover a number of critical topics, as well as our on-demand courses available at anytime.



Step One: Essentials

Step Two: Foundations

Step Three: Initiation

Learn Arabic Courses


General Guidance

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