The Fez Summit – Radical Middle Way

The Fez Summit website

The Fez Summit will bring together leading scholars and thinkers to reiterate the orthodox message of Islam – that of mercypeaceco-existence and justice . It is about strengthening and magnifying the mainstream voice of Islam which is against all forms of extremism, anarchy and chaos.

The issues to tackled included:

  1. Means and methods of creating an alliance of the middle way that is robust, pro-active and scholarly-driven
  2. Understanding all forms of extremism and how best to respond to them
  3. How to cope in a diverse world through reclaiming and implementing the Islamic understanding of adab al-ikhtilaf (etiquettes of difference).
  4. Challenges poised by climate change, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence.
  5. Challenges and opportunities of Islam in the West and the prospects for majority-minority engagement.

The keypoints from the conference have published and can be viewed here

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