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Let’s Make an Impact. Can you Volunteer Some Time?

Volunteer your time to call your friends and family to Allah

What does it take to get 300, 500 or even 700 people out for an event?
The answer is simple: rallying.
Join us for this month’s Impact Meeting on April 17th.
1pm  on-ground at SeekersHub Toronto (for lunch)
1:30pm online [live-streamed]
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Online guests, pleae join us at 1:30pm
Rallying friends and family, spreading the word and creating a buzz, are proven to be of the most successful ways to bringing people out to an event.
For us, it’s about reaching out to people to come to SeekersHub Toronto – one of the most worthy of places to call people to. It has exactly what we need today: the beauty, mercy and radiant guidance and teachings of our beloved Prophet ﷺ .
Here are three reasons to attend on April 17th at 1pm at SeekersHub Toronto and Online:
1. Be the first to hear about what the Hub is planning for the next few months and which visiting scholars are invited and coming!
2. Be part of immense good; the prophet ﷺ teaches us:
“Whoever points to the good has the reward of the one who performs it.” [Muslim]
3. If you’re local, join us for a lunch with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani to spread the word about this gem in Toronto far and wide, for everyone to benefit from.
Whether you are in China, Malaysia, Egypt or right here in Toronto, join us and help spread the immense benefit to everyone, everywhere.
Where’s This Awesome Meeting Happening?
ON-GROUND: 5650 Tomken Rd, Unit 16-17, Mississauga, ON, L4W 4P1
ONLINE: Click here to bookmark the URL for access on Sunday