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Are Culture and Religion Mutually Exclusive? Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah (3-part series)

What is the connection between religion and culture? What does Islam say about the place of culture in our lives? Do cultural norms conflict with religion, or do they have some sort of authority? And what do art, science, and history have to do with it all?

In this illuminating three-part series, Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah debunks some of the most commonly perpetuated myths on the supposed clash of culture vs. religion.

We are experiencing a crisis of knowledge, he says. The Muslims historically all sought knowledge with vigour, and that was what solidified their identities. This led to the wealth of culture and civilization that they became famous for.

But how do we translate that identity into modern life? Watch now and find out!

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Photo by Daniel Mennerich