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Did you know you have a share of the Quran?

Ever been going through a tough experience, then opened the Quran and found just what you needed to help you? Shaykh Ahmed Sa’ad explains why we lose out on discovering our share of the Qur’an when we skim read.

Did you know you have a share of the Quran? In this insightful video, Shaykh Ahmad Saad al-Azhari teaches us how much we miss out on when we skim through our reading and recitation of the Quran, without giving the time to reflect on what Allah is revealing to us.

Each one of us, he explains, has a share (nasib) in the Qu’ran, that connects to our unique experience. Just like some Companions manifested different aspects of the Prophet, from his love to his service to his political planning, so do we relate to different parts of the Qu’ran as it unfolds on different levels.

Connecting It To Our Care For Others

He then goes on to explain how this connects to the care we should have for others. Habib Ahmad Mashur Al Haddad’s once said that three of the seven initiatives that we should be responsible for include eliminating poverty and hunger. People who are fighting for a way to alleviate their hunger, or are in a state of constant fear and stress, might not be able to think about faith and God so we need to fight things like poverty, not for their own sake but because we have an obligation to help people find their Lord.

Luxury Leads To Heedlessness

In addition, we also need to remember the second initiative which is to fight excessive luxury that leads to a state of heedlessness. The concept of being able to buy almost anything, coupled with the comfort it brings, not only causes a person to stop thinking about his neediness before his Lord, but stops them caring for others.

Fight Desensitisation

Thirdly, the initiative of saving people’s lives, whether it be by disease or killing,  at home or abroad, is also important. In modern times, the idea of mass mortalities are normalized by the media, to the point that we become desensitized by it.

Shaykh Ahmed Sa’ad al-Azhari is the Founder and Director of the Ihsan Institute. Want more? Sign up for Shaykh Ahmad’s course Key Themes of the Qur’an: A Complete Overview of the Book of Allah, offered completely free by SeekersHub Global.

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