Discover the Future of SeekersAnswers

On the 17th of July, SeekersGuidance held a live webinar titled Discover the Future of SeekersAnswers, as part of its LaunchGood campaign to increase the reach of this revolutionary platform. 

For fourteen years, SeekersGuidance has answered a hundred questions every week. Now, the weekly demand is over two hundred and fifty questions. We have responded to tens of thousands of questions from thousands of questioners around the world. The answers have been accessed by tens of millions of people from every country in the world. 

Countless people rely on SeekersGuidance because they know that they will find answers that are relevant, authentic, true to our tradition, and backed up by very knowledgeable scholars. With your help, SeekersGuidance can service this need to greater effect.

Five aims of the Seekers Answers relaunch project:

  1. We are seeking to increase our capacity to serve seekers around the world. 
  2. We strive to improve the quality of the answering service so that more people can be impacted more deeply.
  3. We’re aiming to launch a world-class video answer service.
  4. We’re also launching the Seekers Answers Service in the Arabic language.
  5. We will present some of the answers from the leading scholars of the Muslim world to our English-speaking audience.

As part of the event, SeekersGuidance scholars shared their perspectives on the significance of the SeekersAnswers service.

When Ustadha Shazia Ahmed joined the SeekersAnswers service, she found that Muslims, going through heartbreaking challenges, sought a solution both for Allah and through Allah. Her goal is to be a supporter, a listener, a helper, and to provide guidance.

“If we don’t address the intellectual and emotional needs of the Muslims, we are just going to be worshiping Allah from the outside but be confused on the inside. Conviction needs to come from within. SeekersGuidance provides authentic knowledge from true scholars completely free. This is the most priceless blessing we have, and it is right at our fingertips,” she said.

Shaykh Muhammad Badhib encouraged everyone to realize the pivotal role SeekersAnswers plays in solving issues of confusion. He said,

“Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.  The sources of knowledge are the scholars who act according to their knowledge. A Muslim encounters many problems and issues in his life. It is an obligation for Muslims not to delve into confusing matters without proper knowledge. Therefore, he must turn to scholars and ask them. The SeekersAnswer service solves these issues because the questions are directed to great scholars connected to a reliable chain of transmission. They know how to navigate the resources for fatwas and have the license (ijaza) to teach those particular areas.”

Shaykh Khalid al-Kharsa expanded on the significance of the chain of transmission in knowledge,

“Allah created the human being in a state of ignorance and then sent our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) as a savior from ignorance. The companions learned from him, and the next generation learned from the companions. This is how knowledge was transferred from one generation to the next. The scholars carry this blessed knowledge to direct people to that which benefits them.  Every Muslim must turn to the scholars and ask them.” 


SeekersGuidance Founder Shaykh Faraz Rabbani relayed the significance of openness to answering all questions,

“The blessing of answering a question is that someone is coming with a life issue and are seeking guidance. There’s an inherent sincerity in the person asking, so we strive to have this approach that we’re there to serve, and we don’t judge anyone. We don’t get into sectarian issues.”

He elucidated on the plans to connect the Arabic and English Answers,

“Arabic is the language of scholarship. We want to launch a service translating key answers from the senior Arab scholars into English. Later on, we also plan to gather key answers into book form, collating the most frequently asked questions.” 

As well as the need to help people with a myriad of religious needs,

“People are drifting on social media if you don’t busy people with the good, they’ll be busied with other than the good. We want to deploy step-by-step answers on critical issues that affect people like atheism, struggling with faith, the problem of evil, matters related to Islamic law, and spirituality.  There are issues that confuse people and burdens that are heavy on their hearts.”

Imam Yama Niazi explained the role of SeekersAnswers in the lives of youth,

“Youth is the most important investment that we have for our future as Muslims. We are being bombarded and attacked on all fronts on our religion. Youth find themselves challenged in their schools with questions about theology, Qur’an, and the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). They need a place that will give reliable answers. We have different teachers who are experts in their fields. Answering these questions helps to preserve their faith and strengthen it. Help us spread guidance and light.”

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