Menstruation: A Comprehensive Reader

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The Ultimate Islamic Guide to Menstruation

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This is the ultimate Islamic guide to menstruation -featuring commonly asked questions about prohibitions during your menstruation and addressing the arrival of puberty. Our trained and reliable scholars at SeekersGuidance provide clarity and guidance on this crucial topic.

Questions and Answers Relating to Menstruation

  1. Can a Woman Shorten Her Prayers After Ending Her Menstruations During a Travel?
  2. Can I Memorize the Qur’an After Masturbating During My Menstruation?                    
  3. Can I Take Notes During My Tafsir Class When on My Period?                          
  4. Discolored Menstrual Blood & When To Stop Praying
  5. Do Brown Dots Count as Menstruation Blood?
  6. Does My Period Start Only When I See Red Blood?                                                        
  7. How Can I Complete My Hajj During My Menstruation? 
  8. How Can I Know the End of My Menstrual Period?                                                                   
  9. How Can I Judge When My Menstrual Period Has Ended?                                            
  10. How to Fulfill an Oath at the Time of Menstruation?                                                         
  11. How to Know If Discharges Are Period?                                                                                     
  12. I Mistook Regular Bleeding for Menstruation and Broke Fast. What Should I Do?           
  13. Is a Ghusl Necessary When My Menstruation Begins Immediately Following Intercourse?
  14. Is Withdrawal Bleeding Considered Menstruation?                                                
  15. Menstruation and Surgery [ Shafi’i ]                                                                                
  16.  Menstruation, Prayers And Make-Ups                                                                                      
  17. My Menstruation Started While I Was in Janaba                                                           
  18. Rulings Related to the Quran and a Woman in the State of Menstruation                     
  19. Should a Woman Fast During Her Menstruation?                                                                  
  20. The Qur’an & Menstruation                                                                                                  
  21. Was My Period Over?                                                                                                              
  22. What If Menstruation Begins During Intercourse?                                                              
  23. What Is the Ruling on Having Intercourse During Menstruation?                                  
  24. What Should I Do After Fasting During Menstruation? (Habib Umar)                           
  25. What Should I Do If My Menstruation Ends Right Before Maghrib Time? [Habib Umar]  
  26. What Should I Do When My Menstruation Exceed Ten Days?                                          
  27. What Do I Do If My Period Prevented Me From Performing the ‘Umra in Tamattu’? 
  28. What Is the Minimum Period of Purity Between Menses?                                             
  29. What Should I Do in Regard to My Prayers When I Am Confused About the Beginning and Ending of My Period?
  30. When Is It Permitted to Engage in Sexual Intercourse With One’s Wife Following the End of Her Period?
  31. Where Can I Learn the Rules of Prayer, Zakat and Menstruation?                                 
  32. Why Can’t A Menstruating Woman Touch The Qur’an?
  33. Islam’s Perspective on Menstruation?                                                                             
  34. Worship in Ramadan For a Menstruating Woman 

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