food consumption

Food Consumption – A Reader

This reader gathers various guidelines on food consumption, from the etiquette of eating, to what is considered impermissible to eat.

Adab of Eating and Feeding Others

Riyad al-Salihin: Book on the Adab Related to Food

Should We Cover Food?

Is It Permissible to Do Dhikr and Then Blow on Food for Barakah?

Day 1: Food – 30 Deeds 30 Days 

How to Dispose of Leftover Food

True Gratitude for Food – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Food And Worship -The Enormous Correlation

When the Call to Prayer is Given and Food is on the Table What Should I Do?

08 – Food Etiquette – SeekersHub Podcast

Avoiding the Impermissible

A Guide for Consuming Various Meats, Foods, Alcohol, Animal By-Products and Cosmetics

Is It Permissible to Blow on Food to Cool it Down?

Is It Permissible to Eat Vegetarian Food Prepared by Non-muslims? 

Can I Give Impermissible Food to Non-Muslims?

Should I Eat at Restaurants With Food Cross-Contamination Issues?

Are Dishes in Which Pork and Other Haram Food was Eaten Made Pure by Washing?

What Is the Ruling Regarding Accidentally Consuming Haram Food?

Is Unethical Food Permissible to Eat?