Six Reasons Why the Fort Hood Killings by Nidal Hasan Are Clearly Impermissible (Haram) in Islamic Law

1. Betrayal of covenant (`and).
2. Impermissible deceit (ghadr).
3. Killing those not actively engaged in combat.
4. Doing something without clear religious sanction.
5. Doing something of manifest greater harm for Muslims.
6. The basis of taking human life is that it is decisively haram, unless there is clear and manifest sanction to the contrary.

It is also a misreading of political realities. The US isn’t in a “war with Islam”–though there are those both in the US and in the Ummah who want to view things this way–and “fighting back” in these angry, reactive ways is just explosions of ego rather than principled action on Prophetic guidance.

By Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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