Asking From God – The Art of Supplication: A Comprehensive Reader

A Comprehensive Guide to Supplication (Dua)

In the Name of Allah, the Encompassingly Merciful, the Particularly Merciful. All praise belongs to Allah. May the best of blessings and most perfect of peace be upon our master Muhammad, and upon his followers, his companions, and all those guided by his teachings.


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The essence of asking from Allah Most High is calling upon Him in awe, need, love, and reliance. Allah Most High said, “I am near – I answer the call of the one who calls upon me.” (Qur’an, 2:186)

Supplication is an act of worship. When you engage in supplication, you are not only asking Allah Most High to help you or to fulfill your needs, but you are also busy in worshipping Him.

This is a comprehensive guide for supplication (dua) and supplication-related questions, such as the correct etiquette in asking from Allah and supplications for specific events. 


SeekerGuidance Articles on Supplication (Dua)

  1. Dua for Hope: What We Should Say When We Feel Despair
  2. Ramadan Mubarak: The Prophet’s Dua When the New Moon is Sighted
  3. What Dua To Recite When Sick, from Habib Muhammad bin Ali al-Junayd
  4. The Powerful Dua of a Parent
  5. Mercy Expressed in Active Concern: Remembering the Muslim Umma in One’s Prayers (dua) – Ma`ruf al-Karkhi
  6. Dua before reciting Qur’an – Qari Ismet
  7. Brief Prophetic Supplication (dua) for Difficulties
  8. Powerful Duas from Habib Umar – Taleef Collective
  9. Collection of Duas for the Oppressed
  10. Nasiri Dua: So Powerful, Rulers Would Ban It From Mosques
  11. Make Du’a or Leave It To Allah?
  12. Is Making Du’a from Contentment Or Resentment?
  13. The Do’s and Don’ts Of Du’a
  14. The Art of Asking for High Matters
  15. Certainty In Divine Response
  16. Watch Your Tongue When Speaking to The One
  17. Raise Your Hands to the Sky When Asking The Most High
  18. Let Praise Precede Your Asking of Needs
  19. Be Mindful Of God, He Will Be Mindful Of You
  20. Call On Allah By His Beautiful Names
  21. Beloved Calls: Making Du’a Like The Prophets of Allah
  22. Leave All Rhyme and Ask For The Sublime 
  23. How To Ask From Allah
  24. Loving The Beloved Messenger (peace be upon him)
  25. Three Manners of Supplication
  26. Begin With Yourself & Say Ameen
  27. Consistency, Praise, and Choosing Blessed Days
  28. The Times and Places of Du’a
  29. The Chosen Times Of Du’a
  30. The Many States That Can Change Your Fate
  31. Are my prayers being answered?


SeekersGuidance Course on Supplication (Dua)

  1. Supplication is the Essence of Worship


Questions and Answers related to Supplication (Dua)

  1. Sending Prayers on The Prophet (may Allah bless him and give him peace)
  2. How To Deal With a Dua Made Against You
  3. Where Can I Find the Hadith that Mentions the Dua Recited in Witr Prayer?
  4. Duas and Suras to be Read in the Night Prayer
  5. Are There Prohibited Duas?
  6. A Dua to Make Someone My Spouse
  7. Can I Make Dua to Marry a Convert?
  8. Can I Make Dua That Allah Sends My Boyfriend to Me as My Future Husband?
  9. Is There a Dua Protecting Children from Bad Intentions of People?
  10. Is Making Dua in My Heart Enough?
  11. Is Congregation Dua After Prayer Permissible? (Video)
  12. How Can I Make Dua Without Implying Discontent?
  13. Is Dua Sufficient for Me to Get Married to a Particular Person?
  14. Is Losing Hope in Dua a Sign That I Am Not a True Believer?
  15. My Mother Makes Supplications Against Me. Will Her Duas Be Accepted?
  16. Why is Supplication (dua) Considered Worship in Islam?
  17. Which Duas and Parts of the Qur’an Should be Read When Visiting a Graveyard?
  18. Invocation (Dhikr) and Supplication (Dua) After Prayer
  19. What is the Dua to Say When Looking at One’s Self in the Mirror?