Does “Allah” Refer to Allah’s Entity Only, or His Entity and His Attributes?

Answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani


I would like to request your erudition regarding a question that seems fundamental to me. Is Allah equal to dhat plus attributes, or is it only the dhat? Depending on the answer, could you please support it with sources, thank you.
I would like to know concretely if Allah is identical to His essence (dhat) or if there is a real distinction between the “dhat” and “Allah.” I apologize if my question lacks clarity, and I sincerely appreciate


I hope you’re doing well, insha’Allah.

Both the Entity (dhat) and Attributes (sifat) of Allah are intrinsically necessarily (wajib). [Bajuri, Tuhfat al-Murid `ala Jawharat al-Tawhid; Laqani, Umdat al-Murid Sharh Jawharat al-Tawhid; Ibn Arafa, al-Mukhtasar al-Kalami]

What Does the Divine Name “Allah” Refer To?

The Divine Name “Allah” is the personal name of God, the Necessary Existent, the Creator. It refers to both the Entity and the Attributes–as the Attributes are (1) necessary and (2) inseparable from the Entity. [ibid.]

Allah Tells Us About Himself in Surat al-Ikhlas

Allah Most High tells us about Himself in Surat al-Ikhlas:

1. In the Name of Allah Most Merciful and Compassionate: Say: He is Allah: the Wholly One Divine Reality Alone.
2. Allah is the Sole Indomitable Recourse for all needs.
3. He never gave birth, nor was given birth;
4. And no one even compares with Him.” [Quran, 112; Keller, Quran Beheld]

Allah Most High describes Himself as “al-Ahad,” which Shaykh Nuh Keller translated as “the Wholly One Divine Reality Alone,” and “al-Samad,” or “the Sole Indomitable Recourse for all needs.”

How We Know Allah Most High: His Names and Attributes

We know Allah through His Names and Attributes. Allah Most High tells us some of these in Surat al-Hashr:

“22. He is Allah whom there is no god besides, Knower of the unseen and the seen; He is the Most Merciful and Compassionate.

23. He is Allah whom there is no god besides, the King, the Sacredly Pure, the Source and Perfection of Peace, the All-protecting, the One In Charge of All, the Invincible, the Indomitable Conqueror, the Supreme on High: Glorious is Allah in perfection above all they join with Him in worship!

24. He is Allah, the Creator, the Flawless Originator, the Bestower of Forms, His are the most beautiful names; Everything in the heavens and earth extols His incomparable glory, and He is the Invincible, the All-wise.” [Quran, 59:22-24; Keller, Quran Beheld]

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And Allah is the giver of success and facilitation.

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