Do I Still Keep Going Back If I Doubt an Area Has Not Been Washed Properly?

Answered by Mawlana Ilyas Patel


I have severe misgivings. When I wash myself, I sometimes forget to wash an area, and then I go back and wash it. Now, I randomly thought of a moment where this happened, and I am almost sure, if not certain, I went back to wash it. I know I was planning to, but I am now thinking about it again because of my misgivings. And because I can’t perfectly remember going back in and washing it, I now feel like it’s a doubt, and I have to go back and wash it. I know that certainty is not removed by doubt. So I fear that when I am certain an area still has to be washed, but I doubt whether I went back to wash it (even though I am pretty certain), I still have to go back and wash that area.


In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate.

I pray you are in good faith and health. Thank you for your question.

You don’t have to go back and wash it. As you mentioned, you are suffering from doubts and misgivings. You are certain you have washed the area but doubt whether it was thoroughly washed. Don’t worry; ignore your doubts.

“Certainty is not lifted by a doubt.” [Ibn Nujaym, al-Ashbah wa al Nadha’ir; Majallat al-Ahkam al-‘Adiliyya]

This means that if you are certain you washed, with this being the basic assumption for all human actions, then we will keep assuming it is valid until certain it is not. Mere possibilities and even likelihoods do not change this.

May Allah Most High give you ease and relief from the doubts and misgivings.

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I pray this helps with your question.
[Mawlana] Ilyas Patel
Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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