As a Convert How Do I Choose a School of Thought?

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Question: Assalamu alaikum wa ramatullah wa barakatu

I am attending the current seekers circle on how to read a question. The Imam kept emphasing the importance of following a madhab as these scholars have gone through all the different Hadith and come to conclusions and as we don’t have that knowledge base we are unable to make decisions. He also emphasised the importance of not picking and choosing the easiest ruling from any madhab as they can contradict each other. So my question is particularly important for converts like myself: how do we choose a madhab? How do we know the difference between the different madhabs and where to find that information?

Answer: assalamu `alaykum

Any of the four Sunni schools of law are valid to follow, and which one chooses to follow is a matter of personal preference and circumstances. One should consider:

(1) Which madhhab you can learn properly, given your life circumstances

(2) Which mahhab you can get your questions answered for

(3) Your personal inclination, and general life considerations (such as family background, community, and so on).

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