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How to Counteract the Effects of Black Magic

Answered by Shaykh Rami Nsour

Question: Assalamu alaikum. I have a friend who is suffering from major problems at home. Somebody has done black magic on her family . When she goes to sleep she feels something pulling her down and when she woke up in the morning she had deep bruises and scratches on her leg. They experience different things every day. They read Quran on a regular basis but are starting to lose hope in the words of God. I told them to continue reading and not to lose hope.  Is there anything you can recommend to help?


Answer: What you have advised them is the best thing that you could tell them, which is to keep reading the Book of Allah and to have faith in it. One thing that I would say is that you could also educate them on the point of who it is reading the Quran.

During the time of Umar ibn Al Khattab (radiya Allahu anhu), he used to recite something in the ears of insane people and they would be freed of the jinn inside them. One man, who was not insane, wanted to know what Umar was reciting and so he pretended to be insane and then went to Umar. Umar then recited the Fatiha in his ear.

The man then went on to others and began claiming that he could cure the insane. An insane person came to him and sat for the reading. When the man recited Fatiha into the ear of the man, he heard the voice of the jinn inside the man saying, “Yes, this is the Fatiha, but where is Umar?”

So, although you might have two people reading the Quran, their level of spirituality and connection to Allah and the Quran are different. The state of the person will also have an effect on whether it works or not. You may advise the family to find someone pious to recite.

You should also remind them though, that there are people that are charlatans and can take money from people and claim to be able to help. They should look to a person with knowledge of the deen (fiqh) and piety (wara) to ask about reading in their house. They may also ask that person to write them a ruqya (taweez) but it should only be something with Quran, Hadith or the Names of Allah.