How to Pray Fajr Prayer on Time?

Hanafi Fiqh

Answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani
Question: Salaam Alaikum
In the past month or so I have been trouble waking up on time for Fajr Salah. I am getting a bit desperate, I have tried alarm clocks etc but just cant seem to wake up on time. I sleep straight after Isha. Please help, any advice, any dua there is, I would be really grateful.
Jazaak Allah Khair
I used to get up for Fajr, but am no longer doing so regularly… Sometimes, I get up and turn off the alarm and then go back to sleeping again… Help!
Answer: Walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,
1. Taking the proper means is sunna.
Thus, try sleeping earlier. Fulfill all the sunnas related to sleep—search for them on this site.
2. Ask Allah in earnest, pleading, before sleep that you wake up for Fajr.
3. We slip from the way of uprightness because of sin. There may be something you are doing wrong or sinfully in your life that prevents you from the honor of worshipping Allah at the time of Fajr, which is a tremendous honor. Thus, examine your life and find this sin: repent from it sincerely, and then ask Allah that out of the baraka of leaving this sin for His sake that you be gifted with the honor of waking for Fajr. (Note, of course, that this does not absolve you from #1 and #2 above.)
And Allah alone gives success.
Faraz Rabbani