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Are These Thoughts Disbelief and Sinful?

Answered by Shaykh Jamir Meah

Question: Assalamu alaykum

Often when I am staying idle an urge to think about bad things comes to me.I think about the destructions in the middle east. Often I end up imagining blasphemous things like paraphilia and phallic god.

Is this case called intentionally or deliberately bringing blasphemous thoughts to mind and thus nullifies my islam or it is called thinking?

My mind often plays like a tape recorder all kinds of things I have heard ,seen or felt and even invents sounds, images and actions. Example: It plays an image, sound and feeling as if i am hitting god with my arms and I feel the feeling that is produced by hitting god with your arms. It plays a sound as if I am insulting god with bad words and I feel the unique sound of those bad words.

Is this case called intentionally or deliberately bringing blasphemous thoughts to mind and thus nullifies my islam or it is called thinking?

Imagining a female doing sexual acts like intercourse,dancing and all kinds of seductions: Is it a major sin or minor?

Answer: Assalam ‘alaykum. Thank you for writing in to us.

The thoughts that you are having are unusual and unsettling. Given the extreme nature of these thoughts, their persistency, and their effect over your well-being, I highly suggest you seek out counselling or other natural therapies which deal with psychological disturbances.

As for whether what you are thinking is disbelief and sinful, I would leave off thinking about these questions until you have sought medical help. This should be your first step.

Further suggestions

In the meantime, please do the following:

· Remember that Allah is perfect and free from all deficiencies. Know that anything that comes to your mind as being God is anything but God. Therefore, seek refuge in Him from the devil whenever, these thoughts come to your mind.

· Ensure you are not sinning in any way, especially in private

· Unplug from the internet and looking at screens other than when it is absolutely necessary

· If bad thoughts come to you, after seeking refuge in Allah from the devil, and leave the room you are in. Make wudu and pray, or do exercise, go for a walk outside, or get into company.

· Ensure you are praying regularly and with concentration. Do the sunna dhikr after prayers and supplicate to Allah for help overcome these thoughts

· Do not spend too much time alone, find good company, get a job find a hobby, spend time with family, do community work.

· Say the sunna supplications for every day acts throughout the day

· Say the supplications and the last three chapters of the Quran at night upon sleeping.

· Read a portion of Quran daily with the intention of healing yourself and purifying your thoughts.

· Go to bed early after Isha and do not look at computer screens at night

· Make wudu before sleeping

May Allah grant you all the best and heal you.

Warmest salams,
[Shaykh] Jamir Meah

Shaykh Jamir Meah grew up in Hampstead, London. In 2007, he traveled to Tarim, Yemen, where he spent nine years studying the Islamic sciences on a one-to-one basis under the foremost scholars of the Ribaat, Tarim, with a main specialization and focus on Shafi’i fiqh. In early 2016, he moved to Amman, Jordan, where he continues advanced studies in a range of Islamic sciences, as well as teaching. Jamir is a qualified homeopath.