Are You Making the Most of Your Wuḍūʼ?

Does Touching One’s Spouse Break Wudu? (Shafi’i)

Shafi'i Fiqh

Answered by Shaykh Shuaib Ally

Question: Assalam’aleykum,

1) Is it true thet my wudu is broken if Itouche my wife? Is her Wudu broken too?

2) Is there specific guidelines in kissing one’s wife?

Answer: Walaikum assalam,

In the Shafi’i school, touching your spouse, and vice-versa, breaks one’s ablution. However, this most certainly does not mean that it is impermissible to touch one’s spouse for fear of breaking one’s wudu.

A person can kiss his wife’s lips, cheeks or other body parts, and vice-versa. Enjoying each other’s bodies is licit.

Source: Hashiyat al-Bujayrami

Shuaib Ally