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Did Allah Deny Me a Job Because of My Sins?

Answered by Shaykh Rami Nsour
Question: I had had unlawful intercourse with two women. I was in love with two other girls also. But we broke up and one of them is blaming me and saying that I hurt her. Then, I noticed that I didn’t got a job even though I had many opportunities. Is she the reason behind that? Now I stopped doing all those things and I made tawba. Will I get a job now?
Answer: You should make a sincere repentance (tawbah nasuha) for the sin that you fell into. This requires that you 1) Stop the Action, 2) Firmly intend and resolve to never go back to that sin, 3) Have sincere remorse over what you did.
You should remind yourself that sometimes we do things to others and that will sometimes come around and hurt us in a similar way. Just as you would never want someone to fornicate (zina) with your sister, mother, aunt or daughter, then you too should not commit zina with the daughter or sister of another man.
In terms of why you are not getting the job, Allah knows best the reason. A job is from the sustenance (rizq) that is written for us. Why something is written or not written is known to Allah alone.
What we can say is that fear of God (taqwa) can increase your sustenance and sins can decrease your sustenance. So it may be the sins that you did are preventing you from the job. But only Allah knows.
You must work towards having more taqwa of Allah and follow His commands. Establish the five daily prayers regularly and properly with correct washing (tahara). To do this you must study how to properly prepare for the prayer (wudu, removing filth, ghusl, etc) and how to perform the prayer.
You should study accepted books with qualified teachers. You can also study through our website online for free to know these rules. If you perform the prayer properly, it will prevent you from committing fornication (zina) again.
Rami Nsour