Can I Use the Phone Purchased With Stolen Money?

Hanafi Fiqh

Answered by Mawlana Ilyas Patel


Two years ago, I was 16 years old, I used to hang out with some people who were a bad influence on me. I used to steal money from my grandma to go with them, and I regret it very, very much and want to repent I stopped stealing and will never ever do it again, but with some of the money I stole, I bought a phone and a charger, this phone is my main phone now.

Is it permissible for me to keep using it? Will I get a sin every time I open the phone? And if I read the Quran from it, will Allah accept? Can I keep using the phone until the time when I return the money?


In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate

Allah bless you for repenting and returning to Him.

The fact that you have this remorse is a good sign of your sincere repentance. The Beloved Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “Remorse is repentance.” [Ahmad; Ibn Maja; and others]

Return The Money

If you stole from others, you need to take the means to find them and return the item or its monetary value to them—and to repent to Allah Most High. In your case, you return the money as soon as you possibly can to your grandmother. When you have the money ready, just go and give it to her without mentioning anything of the past unless you want to, which she will happily forgive and forget. [Khadimi/Birgivi, al-Bariqa al-Mahmudiyya Sharh al-Tariqa al-Muhammadiyya; Ibn ‘Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar]

Make a Habit of Repentance

A sinner’s sigh of agony due to sin is dearer to Allah Most High. So, think about continuing to repent and seeking forgiveness if you fall into sin.

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I pray this helps with your question.

[Mawlana] Ilyas Patel
Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Mawlana Ilyas Patel is a traditionally-trained scholar who has studied in the UK, India, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, and Turkey.

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