Is it Permissible to Do Facial Exercises?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Answered by Shaykh Irshaad Sedick


To have a sharp jaw, can I do facial exercises? I was previously doing some exercises through which I noticed I was getting dimples, then stopped them. Can I do such exercises?


In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate.

May Allah alleviate our difficulties and guide us to what pleases Him. Amin.

It is permissible to do exercises in general, providing that one’s exercise does not involve breaking Sacred Law. Based on your description, facial exercises would be permissible as long as they do not cause any harm to your body. However, it is vital to be cautious and seek advice from a qualified professional before engaging in any exercise regimen.

The changes in appearance due to physical exercise are a natural consequence of training and are permissible as long as the changes are not harmful, and Allah knows best.

Caution on Vanity

It is important to remember that physical appearance is not the only or the most critical measure of beauty or worth and that self-esteem and confidence come from within, based on taqwa (God-consciousness) and akhlaq (character).

Focusing too much on external features can harm one’s spiritual and mental health, and it is important to practice self-care and self-love in all aspects of life based on Prophetic teachings. We should always strive to be content with how Allah created us, as He is the best of Creators.

I pray this is of benefit and that Allah guides us all.
[Shaykh] Irshaad Sedick
Checked and Approved by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Shaykh Irshaad Sedick was raised in South Africa in a traditional Muslim family. He graduated from Dar al-Ulum al-Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah in Strand, Western Cape, under the guidance of the late world-renowned scholar Shaykh Taha Karaan.

Shaykh Irshaad received Ijaza from many luminaries of the Islamic world, including Shaykh Taha Karaan, Mawlana Yusuf Karaan, and Mawlana Abdul Hafeez Makki, among others.

He is the author of the text “The Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal: A Hujjah or not?” He has served as the Director of the Discover Islam Centre and Al Jeem Foundation. For the last five years till present, he has served as the Khatib of Masjid Ar-Rashideen, Mowbray, Cape Town.

Shaykh Irshaad has thirteen years of teaching experience at some of the leading Islamic institutes in Cape Town). He is currently building an Islamic online learning and media platform called ‘Isnad Academy’ and has completed his Master’s degree in the study of Islam at the University of Johannesburg. He has a keen interest in healthy living and fitness.