What Is the Meaning of Ilah (Deity), and What Is the Explanation of the Negation and Affirmation Contained within the Kalima?

Answered by Mawlana Ilyas Patel


What is the Meaning of Ilah (Deity), and What is the Explanation of the Negation and Affirmation Contained Within the Kalima?


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Ilah (Deity, Divinity)

Imam Abul Hasan al-Ash’ari (Allah have mercy on him) said that Ilah is the one who has divinity, i.e., the one who has the power to originate essence and accidents.

Affirmation and Negation

The phrase of Divine oneness [tawhid] entails an affirmation of divinity [uluhiyya] for Allah Most High alone and negating it from everything besides Him. What is negated in this phrase is divinity from every particular except our Master, the Sublime, and Majestic. It is neither rationally nor legally possible to find that reality with any other because both the Divine texts and the intellect have proven that the true God is Allah alone-the One whose existence is necessary and the One who deserves all forms of worship. The worship of other than Him is false and is considered disbelief.

It is obligatory upon the legally responsible person to note that it is not sufficient to merely affirm Godhood for Allah, the Exalted; instead, it must be realized that it is impossible to affirm the meaning of Godhood for other than Him.

[Sunusi, Umm al-Barahin]

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